About KeMU Digital Campus

The Kenya Methodist University Digital Campus is a modern State-of-Art virtual model, perfected to bring unparalleled academic experience to your location wherever you are. Our objective, as envisioned in the words of our Vice Chancellor, is “To bring higher education to your finger tips”, to this effect we have worked hard to develop the best digital learning platform based on technology, highest educational standards, policies, procedures, personnel and content.

Most importantly though, is a passion that runs deep in our veins. A passion to ensure that quality higher education is not only affordable, but also accessible to all regardless of geographical or schedule limitations. In-fact, it is our firm belief that education is a God endorse right for each and every person.

To be a globally recognized Digital Campus in the use of virtual learning technologies to deliver quality university education, training and professional development opportunities.

To provide excellent student learning experiences through flexible and effective virtual learning activities, thus enable students to become professional and transformational leaders.

Core values

The values are embedded in the operation of KeMU Digital Campus of Virtual Learning:

  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Moral Integrity
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Respect for Diversity


We set our bar way above the cut. These are our main objectives

  • To promote access to KeMU programs using virtual learning (VL) technologies
  • To strengthen faculty development for the delivery of quality virtual learning and instructional practices
  • To promote the improvement of virtual teaching, learning and assessment through frequent evaluation processes
  • To ensure student-centeredness in curriculum delivery through constant monitoring and evaluation