Prof. Kirimi H. Kiriamiti

VC standing

Accessible Quality Education

The Kenya Methodist University Digital Campus is a modern, State-of-Art virtual education model, that we have perfected to bring unparalleled academic experience to you, at your location wherever you are.

Our objective, here is to “Decentralize” higher education down to your finger tips. To this effect we have worked hard to develop the best digital learning platform, based on the latest technologies, highest Educational standards, policies, procedures, personnel and content.

Most importantly though, is a fact that we pride ourselves of a passion that runs deep through our veins. This passion is to ensure that quality higher education is not only affordable, but also accessible to all regardless of the geographical, schedule and other limitations.

In-fact, it is our firm belief that education is a God endorsed right to each and every person. Welcome, Join Kenya Digital Campus.

The Future is Finally Here.

~Vice Chancellor – Kenya Methodist University